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Clean With Water

The Magic Of Water
Water is all around us and because of its distinctive capacities, water is a universal miracle worker. It keeps humans, animals, and plants healthy and clean. 

In the Delphin, water acts as the central force. It washes the air and traps dust and contaminants of all kinds, similar to how water cleans the air in nature.

Energy Efficient
Compared with the conventional vacuum cleaner, the Delphin uses up to 70% less electricity and saves on effort too, because of its more thorough cleaning process. The Delphin works mostly with the forces provided by the Earth itself: water and air. It USES these precious resources rather than CONSUMING them.

The Power Of Nature

We all have problems with the air. Constant attacks on its purity, mostly from traffic and industry, make our lives difficult. Fortunately, the earth has a natural purification system that protects us from the worst effects. Nature regularly purifies the air with rain, snow, dew, and fog .

Air is noticeably cleaner outdoors than it is indoors, where no natural cleaning occurs. Often, people who do not feel well, say they need to go outdoors to breathe some fresh air.

Indoor air is enormously polluted; construction materials and lacquer emit toxic substances. The multitude of difficult to identify organisms under the generic name of " house dust " enters our bodies as we breathe, harming our immune systems.

It is a known fact that every day we each eat 3 pounds of food, drink 4 pounds of water, and breathe 35 pounds of air! Each day we are inhaling two heaping tablespoons of pollutants! 

The ecologically valuable and technologically sophisticated Delphin system brings the earth's natural processes into your home.

In thousands of households, the Delphin provides true environmental hygiene and replaces a whole series of housecleaning devices, including vacuum cleaners; brooms; carpet, furniture, and air cleaners, as well as dusters.

Scientific research carried out by a number of different independent institutions has shown that the Delphin can remove molds, bacteria, allergens, and environmental toxic substances such as pesticides, PCBs, and PAKs from domestic living areas. Reviews all over the world have confirmed this result.

True Comfort & Benefits

Delphinating : Intelligent care for your home.? 

The Delphin, with it directed air streams and centrifugal force resulting from a high-speed rotational movement, is able to separate microscopic dirt particles from the air.

House dust, allergens, and many other air contaminants are trapped in the Delphin's water basin. They are then thrown away with the water, and are removed from your home.


The combined action of wind, water, and centrifugal forces is intense ?

The Delphin performs three functions: it captures, traps and removes house dust and bacteria, eliminating allergens and contaminants.

But Delphinating does not just solve problems; it is a benefit in itself.

Through air purification alone, it helps bring the freshness of outdoor air into our homes. It also provides a feast for our senses through the inclusion of aromas. Cleaning of carpets, floors, beds, cushions, and furniture-essentially our living and sleeping areas-is both easy and effective.

Delphinize-the results are incredible!

True Benefits

The efficient way to deal with energy and time.?

Thanks to a combination of natural and artificial forces in the elimination of filters (which slow down the flow of energy), the Delphin works on surprisingly little electrical energy. It's cleaning performance, however, is astonishing.

The Delphin is built for humans. Its smooth wheels and its comfortable, compact design means that is versatile and easy to operate. Hard work for small results is a thing of the past in a Delphin household.

By Delphinating, we gain in both of our most precious commodities, health and time: not only is the cleaning work done, but it is done to the advantage of ourselves and our families.

Our new futuristic All Terrain Brush (ATB) is one of our most exciting recent inventions. The ATB is an incredible asset to the Delphin machine because it works on ANY surface from carpet, to tile, to hardwood, to area rugs you can clean "all terrains " in your entire house with one basic attachment. 

When you feel lightness of the ATB, you won't believe it! Its practical size provides the user with the gentleness of easy steering plus the ability to clean under and around furniture. What else makes this attachment so different? 
The All Terrain Brush is battery operated. Your ATB comes complete with two batteries and a battery recharge system. Just one more step Delphin has taken towards advanced technology.

Carefully Directed Forces

Dual-Effect Application

The Delphin is versatile, cleaning the air in the rooms even while doing other tasks:

while delphinizing the floor, while dusting the furniture, while thoroughly cleaning mattresses and cushions with the deep- cleaner, while cleaning feather beds, and of course while spreading aromas in the air.


Back To Basics

The Delphin does not contain a filter, parts that can tear, or any devices that can block or grow molds or fungi. The space inside the Delphin contains clean air silencing chambers that serve a variety of purposes. The intelligent and precise use of natural forces in the Delphin is unique to the world.



New developments such as the large separator, the three-cycle airflow system, the resonance chambers to keep the noise levels down, and the swirl technique for air outflow are based on the highest technological standards. The Delphin is manufactured using innovative technologies and materials. The "Made in Germany" label is your assurance of superior quality.


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The Flipper

Additional Accessories and Products Available

In addition to the incredible Delphin and it's All Terrain Brush, you also have the opportunity to further expand your Delphin collection. We all know that in order to keep our carpets in ideal condition, they must be washed from time to time. By getting the embedded soils out, (from spills or accidents) your carpet's lifetime will be substantially increased.

The Flipper is the ideal complement to the Delphin. The Flipper serves many purposes; it functions very efficiently as a carpet cleaner, electric mop and squeegee.

The Flipper has been designed to easily attach directly to your Delphin, eliminating the need for direct water faucet hook-up. There is no dragging around of a hose, or leaky water spills coming from the tap connection.

The ease of use will impress you! Imagine knowing that if someone spills something on your carpets, or your child or animal has an "accident", you simply need to reach for your Flipper and almost like magic-stains are gone! The Flipper also features a small three inch suction nozzle attachment great for cleaning hard to reach areas such as car carpets and upholstery.

The Flipper-the ultimate accessories!

Is Indoor Air Clean?

Modern construction techniques have created buildngs that are almost air tight; these often trap air pollutants inside.

Due to the lack of ventilation, the indoor air quality is in general proven to be 4 to 5 times worse than the outdoor air.

Red dots represent the dirt in the air; while the green spots represent the dirt found on furniture.

Which of these are considered more harmful?

How can we remove these indoor dirt?

What Is Dust Mite?

Invisible to the human eye, house dust mites inhabit our homes by the thousands.

The house dust mite can be found in almost every kind of natural and synthetic fiber. (Upholstered furniture, pillows and mattresses typically harbor more dust mites than carpeting.

House dust mites thrive in high humidities (70 to 80%) and warm temperatures (68 - 84F).

The average dust mite ranges between 0.1mm and 0.5mm. (A fingernail can fit on roughly 7000 dust mites!)

House dust mites waste, not the mites themselves, triggers asthamic and allergic attack. (The waste become airborne by clinging to dust particles.

They feed primarily on flakes of dead skin that fall from people and animals.

The Dangers Of Dust Mite

The house dust mite is an important cause of symptoms for patients with asthma, eczema, rhinitis and many other conditions.

Other possible symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Irritated Eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Coughing
  • Nausea
  • Sore Throat
  • Nasal Discharge
  Specialised vacuum cleaner is needed to filter the dust particles of mite waste.

Patented Technology

DELPHIN is a German patented technology, and has ungergone rigorous quality control to ensure our clients the best production in the marketplace.

DELPHIN product was shortlisted in Baden Wurttemberg International Design Award 1999. It was also featured in Mouse of Stuttgart exhibition and Baden Wurttemberg Industrial Design publication.

There were 64 products shortlisted out of 399 products enrolled by 204 companies.

We are proud that DELPHIN is recognised for its quality of design and degree of innovation; along with products of Audi, Daimler Chrysler, Mercedes, Siemens etc.

DELHIN German Patent Certificates

What Is L-Lamella?

L-Lamella is a patented invention by PROAIR; a German company. After rigorous testing on hundreds of seperators, their research and development team invented the L-Lamella technology.

Innovative changes have been made to the inner linings of the separators such that it forms an 'L-shaped' rather than traditional straight lines.

When the motor turns, the L-Lamella's internal vacuum point will be able to trap the finest dust and direct to water basin. This will effectively clean air without a filter.

L-Lamella technology uses only water to bind dust and dirt. No more dirt bags or filters.

Appliance Warranty

We offer you a little more

  • All screws made of stainless steel.

  • Motor shaft made of stainless steel.

  • Tubes made of stainless steel.

  • Motor shaft supported by three ball bearings.

  • Suction fan has three blades.

  • Depth cleaner (electric brush) with a large ball bearing.

  • No insulating materials inside appliance (therefore no danger of mould fungi forming) etc. 

  • The L-Lamella, for which international patents were granted to us, produces new - so far unequalled - cleaning results.

  • FLIPPER, the great aid for tiles and carpet cleaning.

  • The sensational depth cleaner with performance sensor technology.

  • The handy polisher

We offer you a three years factory warranty and Rotol Dolphin (M) Sdn Bhd gives you a seven years service warranty.